MSI Modern MD241P (IPS 75Hz USB-C)


3 years warranty

หมวดหมู่ : All Product Monitor

แบรนด์ : MSI


Modern MD241P

MSI Modern MD241P Series Monitor – 23.8-inch, Full HD, Less Blue Light, Anti-Flicker, Anti-Glare, Display Kit, VESA Mount Support & Built-in Speakers, Designed for pursuing a Elegant and personalized design fit in anywhere in your house.

-TÜV certification display protect your eyesight and keep your eyes healthy
-Less blue light and anti-flicker technology prevent your eyes from strain & fatigue
-75 Hz refresh rate provides better viewing experience
-Work with a comfortable viewing position while focusing on your courses and homework
-Keep the flexibility for your different devices with dual sources, HDMI & Type-C ports
-The standard VESA-mount supported
-Always allows you to join online conference call with built-in speakers

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